Rouge Is Very Dapper 

Meet Rouge.... She has arrived and she's dropped a killer track dubbed “Dapper Dan."  Rouge always pulls up squad deep. Her dope crew of dancers revolve around her through neighborhood territory and midnight New York streets. The video was inspired by the fashion icon Dapper Dan as the whole team comes dress to kill. Rouge is straight fire with bars only a fine female would understand.

It is not every day we see a female rapper go above and beyond in creating different sounds and diversity. Rouge's rap and flow pattern is remarkably unique and distinguishable to her character. From her gritty demeanor to the underground New York sound meshed with 2017's trap production makes Rouge an artist we're excited about...and there's no doubt that her lyrics are hard af.

“Pretty, pretty, gotta stay pretty, that’s the only way that you stay petty.”

Some lines are so crack, we had to play it back a few times.

We root for dope Black women killin' it in the music game and providing an experience. Rouge is much more than an artist, she's a visionary as well, crafting the whole look and vibe of the video. - The GoodTaste PR


Instagram: @wewantrouge

Twitter: @wewantrouge

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Facebook: Rougey Rouge

Download & Stream The Debut Ep R.R.B.A.S (Rougey Rouge BadA$$ Song)

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Started From Scratch brought to you by Good Taste PR

Started From Scratch is a song by Reem Ali and Poe Hussle’s brand new album. This release is a collaboration offering a fusion of classic and fresh hip-hop. The opener starts by takes a thick and soft beat, an innovatively distinctive backdrop that embraces a trendy and dominant piano part, and also a distinctly impressive hook section, uniting it all at once to produce a new and unique touch of originality. The vocal effect highlighted all through the song gives the track equally a modern and somewhat haunting feel, something that definitely enhances the strength and emotion of the portion that is in progresses.

The force of the music constructs and builds for amount of reasons, not slightest of it is because of the heartfelt and contemplative nature of the words. The production nourishes into it healthily and the quality of the entire album has got a definite vibe about it that appears to be soft and even downhearted. The resonances and illustrations all fit a certain strand, yet there’s a distinctive level of deviation among tracks.

The themes differ and the story telling stays to be very authentic and real to the artists involved through their own angles and practices. Permanently however, in relations of substance matter, the indication of starting from scratch, starting from the lowest, is prevailing – mentioned and resumed over and over again. The stability is approximately that further associates the whole thing together and enhances the disposition and in fact the genuineness and candidness of the album. 

Admirers of modern hip-hop would respond well to the tracks presented in collaboration. Instrumentally there have been plenty of positioned articulately yet imaginatively strong soundscapes to lose yourself within, and in terms of lyricism and personality there’s a lot to enjoy and appreciate.

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Tay Sunchild brought to you by Good Taste PR

Tay SunChild is a Wisconsin born, Illinois raised vocalist, now currently manifesting & pursuing her dreams in NYC. Her musical roots  run deep from years of Baptist choir performance to background work for local independent artists. 

"Although growing up in a small community limited my resources and even discouraged my creative drive at times, the universe always allowed music and art in general to be my escape. As I grew into my own destiny, life's trials and tribulations pushed me to take my writings serious."

Those writings, whether it is poetry, stories or even notes from church or college, began to transform into sweet, sultry songs. 

"As a young girl once lost in the madness of my own world, my purpose for writing was to free myself. Now as a young Queen out in the real world alone, I write to heal. Not just for myself but for anyone who can relate to my lyrics and my story."

 Her goal as an artist is to compose and perform music that feeds more than the flesh but also the mind, spirit and soul.

" I want to use my voice to decompose topics that affect my life and the lives of my people while creating elaborate reflections of my journey along the way."

Her latest single, "Black Madonna" is an upbeat, anthem for the strong, ambitious and magical Queens making strides on a daily within the music industry. Starting off with strong lyrics like "I ain't gotta have a d*ck just to get respect" sets the entire tone for the female empowering tune.The song begins with the chorus which coincides with the original song that Black Madonna was sampled from, "Clouds Never Get Old" by Bas from Dreamville Records, but in a woman's perspective. The song is compiled of a looped hook and a featured rap verse from the engineer of the track itself, Mykle Desir.

Instagram: @taysunchild

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